Individual Lessons

Private Individual lessons are available at Magenta Shores Golf & Country Club from our PGA Golf Professionals. We have a Driving Range, Large Putting Green and 2 x Chipping Greens to improve all areas of the game of golf, while having fun outdoors. If you are a regular golfer, or new to the game, our Golf Professionals accommodate all levels and ages. We offer ‘Family Lessons’ where mum and dad can bring along their little ones to learn how to swing the golf club together as a family. The lesson is very fun and usually finishes off with a ‘Beat the Pro’ putting competition.;

TrackMan Lessons

trackman-image-1A TrackMan is a radar launch monitor which provides you with the most accurate feedback in the golf industry. The TrackMan numbers are divided into 2 main categories; ball flight data and club data. Knowing your TrackMan numbers is essential to understand and improve your golf swing and performance on the golf course. The TrackMan is placed a few steps back from where you strike the golf ball and it records every movement by the club and ball before, during and after impact. The feedback is instant. You will receive a report on your golf lesson and the drills that are needed to fix those bad habits.




40 minutes $60
1 Hour Shared Lesson $100
5 x 40 minutes Lesson Pack $240
60 minutes includes TrackMan * $110

5 x 60 minute Lesson Pack includes TrackMan

On Course Playing Lesson $200
*$20 for additional players. Allow 60 minutes



30 minutes  $70
60 minutes includes TrackMan* $130

1 Hour Shared Lesson


Family Lesson – 45 minutes

Max 4 players

On Course Playing Lesson $260
*$25 for additional players. Allow 60 minutes



<13 years old – 30 minutes $30
14-17 years old – 30 minutes $45
14-17 years old -60 minutes includes Trackman $85
$10 for additional junior. Allow 45 minutes